Our mission is to improve the health, functioning, and safety of people and the environments in which they work and live.



With expertise in psychology, organizational culture change, public health, and adult education, SLS has a unique perspective on solving human problems by applying proven strategies to real world situations. Our work is relevant to settings ranging from motor repair shops to large corporations to community organizations.


1. Assess client needs on an organizational and/or individual level

2. Develop strategic action plans to target specific goals

3. Provide consultation and training to achieve desired outcomes



Professional engagements are guided by a strong work ethic and a desire to positively influence – and be influenced by – clients and the people with whom they interact.



“I have had the pleasure of working with the SLS Leadership Team on several initiatives and projects. They are a definitive resource for customized and innovative development and delivery of workforce and workplace training. I am impressed with their ability to address the human side of safety and success across a range of industries for professionals and employees at all levels – from CEOs to physicians to shop mechanics.”


Joe Bouchard,

Director of Government Sales at Cox Communications

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